It may seem silly, but I love stuff like this.


Tiffany made me some sweet cards. Super awesome.



Unless you're younger than 5 years, you're aware of the fact that gas prices are ridiculous. Gas consumption wise, I drive one of the less expensive cars on the road. 

This is what I saw last night... Suckage! I really want a truck, but that ain't happening any time soon. STEVE and I are out at Shocco filling in for the video guy of one of the camp teams. Last night around 11 we were headed back home (hour drive) and I had to fill up. The images you see inspired me to turn around and sleep at Shocco.  Here at Shocco food ain't so hot, and Tiffany isn't here - so if that tells you anything...

I have always prided my self on being able to find good deals, and save money when it's important. But this gas thing is unavoidable, and it sucks. And worst of all, it doesn't seem to be ending anytime soon (ever). Boy I wish I owned stock in BIG OIL, but I don't. So. Who want to carpool with me through life?