Wake up...

God, please wake up ________. He/she/it has been sleeping long enough.

You fill in the blank.

Here's mine:
-my creativity
-my determination
-the church

What are your's?


Good Friday

We're doing some creative brainstorming for next years camp theme. One idea I keep trying to shove down everyone else's throat it, "GOOD." So this morning I read MK's blarg. On Fridays he does this one question thing. He asks a question and want's people to answer the question in their comments. Michael's smart, he gets it. I suggest you RSS his blarg.

ANYWAYS, today's question was "What makes today 'Good Friday' for you?"

This got me thinking again about the word Good again, and since this is my blarg, I thought I'd copy/paste my answer here:

The word good gets a bum wrap.
It's like people think it means "better than ok" or "above average." But when God looked at his creation his comment was, "It is good."

It's like a cool, calm way to say really incredible.

I love that we call it Good Friday, instead of Amazing Friday or Incredible Friday. What happened was amazing and incredible but those words are just a little silly to use when describing it.

It's almost like the word good is used when what's being described is expected to be awesome. And we use those dramatic words like amazing when we're surprised about something's greatness.

Genesis just wouldn't read the same if when God looked at His creation he had said, "It is incredible." No kidding it's incredible, it's creation. So since he wasn't surprised at how awesome His creation was he was just stating the facts, "It's good."

Good Friday is just that. It's good. It's real good.

Did I miss it?


The Muppets Passion Show

The other day we were in a creative meeting, and I suggested that if Jim Henson had decided to do a Muppets movie around the life of Christ which characters would play who. Here's how I would cast it: (You'll have to forgive me for not remembering all of their names.)

Kermit - Jesus

Piggy - Mary Magdalene

Gonzo - Peter

Rizzo - James

the Shrimp - Matthew

Fozzy - John the beloved disciple

Beaker - Philip



Judas Iscariot


Simon the Zelot

Doubting Thomas


Animal - John the Baptist


Who did I forget? Or, who did I get wrong?