Dear Charter Communications,

I'd like to say, when you send me emails to remind me how much money I owe you, there's no need for you to write it in letter form. Letters are written by people, not some mega-database computer, which I know is what you are. The worst part of the letter is the greeting: "Dear Valued Customer,". How about my actual name? Did you consider that? I doubt it, you're a computer and not a real person. I laugh a little bit every time I read your greetings, because I know for SURE you do not value me at all. If I was also a computer like you, and some how magically I could send you money every month, my value to you would not be different. People value people. Companies value money. I'm sure there are some great people who work there, but as a whole you seem heartless, you are heartless.

This isn't a Pinocchio story where if you act real nice you'll turn into a being capable of valuing a person. Charter you will forever be a Company, not a person, so stop sending me letters. You can send me reminders, you can send me invoices, you can even send me a virus (not really), just stop sending me letters.

Our relationship is about to scale back quite a bit, Charter. The only reason I don't breakup with you all in all, is because I have to get my internet from you, which sucks but is necessary. But I'm searching, and as soon as I can get away I will.


I want to write something....

but can't think of anything good.

Therefore, I will revert to a tactic that all great bloggers fall back on when there's not a great "subject" to discuss.

The List
1. In the last 40 days our dog (STEVE) cost us over $1200 dollars in medical expenses. He's all better now.
-we had him "fixed" - $300 (we chose this one)
-6 Days later - nasty gash on the bottom of his paw - got stitches in the ER - $400
-3 Days later - tore the stitches out with his teeth - got re-stiched at the ER - $360
-Was having some weird "head shake" vet said it might be a seizure went to vet - $130
-Foot cut infection - see doctor and get meds - $70

2. I think about my mother all the time. I have kept these thoughts off-line on purpose and will probably continue to do so. Please continue to pray for healing. She was diagnosed with breast cancer back in May.

3. We just finished a massive deadline at work. It should be noted, no one thought we could complete this one, not even us, but like fools we went ahead and achieved.

4. This past year at work has been a booger. We're all rode hard and put up wet (to use a cowboy illustration (it refers to a horse)). But I have tons of vaca days left and I'm going to spend them up before they disappear into the nothingness.

5. Been reading - The Road by Cormac McCarthy. It's great! Makes me want to buy bullets and canned goods.

6. Tiff has/had 6 weddings in the month of August. 6.

7. Still haven't met Claire. Jackson's daughter. We have official plans to visit her in the near future.

8. For some reason, children between the age of one and two (especially girls) are terrified of me most of the time. You can say that it's typical, but not like this. It's as if I have a ware-wolf face.

9. Got an iPhone. It's great.

10. Tiff and I went to ATL to hang out with our good friends Ben and Venessa and their daughter Juliet. We got back today. Super awesome.

11. I have 3 great website ideas, and 2 great book ideas, but I'm no programmer, nor am I a publisher.

12. I thought of this sweet "Christian T-Shirt" slogan today. "When In Rome, Do As Jesus Would Do." I see this text by some lame "tribal" swirls atop the Colosseum, on a rich-red shirt. Possibly with "FBC Roosterbeak" somewhere near the left collar bone slightly tilted to ride up one of the swirls. Soak it up.

13. Heard the funniest soft ball team name today: "The Step Dads." When asked, "Why is your team named The Step Dads? None of your are actually step fathers." One would answer, "Because we always beat you, and you hate us."

That's all I got right now.


Blogging mobile

This whole iPhone thing is awesome. Usually, when you add a new
sophisticated gadget to your life it's a big headache to get it
rolling. Not the iPhone, but that's apple for you: top dollar and top
quality. And now I will try to attach a photo.