Top Five Lists

Haven't make these lists in a while, bringin' it back! I used to be so afraid to make list like this for fear of leaving out choices I would regret later. It's a new day. Here's my list - right now. In no particular order, of corse.

5 songs:
Readin', Rightin', Rt. 23 - Dwight Yoakam
It Was Just My Imagination - Temptations
God Only Knows - Beach Boys
La Cienega Just Smiled - Ryan Adams
In Your Eyes - Peter Gabriel (I know, I know, get off, it's a great song)

5 albums:
Heartbreaker - Ryan Adams
Radiohead - The Bends
At Folsom Prison - Johnny Cash
Moondance - Van Morrison
The Stranger - Billy Joel

5 movies:
High Fidelity
Dr. Strangelove
The Big Lebowski
The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

They say you can tell alot about a person's taste by the things that they don't like. Here's 5 bands/artist/movies/directors I don't like.
Jimmy Buffet
The Eagles
M. Knight Shamalamadingdong
Moolawn Rooj - or however you spell it
Phish/Widespread Panic/and all those other interchangeable jam bands

Please let me know what you think of my tastes. Be honest and unmerciful. I can take it. Feel free to leave your own lists.


I HATE spam.

I know you do to. Here's a recent facebook note I wrote.
I am also beginning to hate facebook spam. This note is about spam in general.

I hate it.
I do.
I'm sorry.
I know some of you love it.
Not me, I hate it.

"What's your definition of spam?" You might ask.

Thanks for asking.

Spam = anything that is used in anyway to advertise/promote anything (including it's self) = this can include, but is not limited to, patriotism, faith, feel-good moosh, hair growth products, or chain letters.
or on facebook, anything that could be described as "nick-knacky stuff" (ie: stickers, flair, hugs, kisses, crap like that, iq tests, relative requests)

I would say anything that is sent in bulk, however there are rare occasions when bulk is better. Not to go off on a tangent or anything, but here are my 2 rules for sending any digital message in bulk.
1. It has to be ABOUT you or someone you know personally.
2. It has to be for me. It can also be for others, but it CANNOT be for everyone you have an address for.

Back to the subject at hand: Spam.
I will not read it. I will not accept it. I will not pass it on.

Now you might be thinking, "Wait, all that nick-knacky stuff is what facebook is all about."

Not for me. I'm in it to keep in touch with my friends and family. See their pictures and videos, and show them mine. Not that other crap. I tried a few of them right at first, but they we're a big waste of my time.


PS. Now, pass this note on to 20 of your friends or the devil will git ya.
Can I get a witness?


Like everyone else in the world, I've been busy.

Like you care, or even read this blog...

None the less, I'm back, and what better subject to get back into "it" with than Tiffany?

Tiffany has gotten in to this thing called the Grocery Game. I don' t know much about it, cause I'm trying to stay far, far away. I do know however, it's some kind of subscription to online coupons and advice for buying groceries. Lots of people here in Bham do it. Some "expert" lady somewhere has developed the greatest money saving formula and schedule....blah, blah, blah. We'll just say, you subscribe to the services of this website, and the said website helps you save tons on groceries.

Now, if you know my wife, you know this kind of thing isn't really "her bag baby." Well you would have thought that before, and if you would have thought that (as I did) you would have been wrong. Super wrong. Since starting this thing she's saved more money than she's spent. I think. Last week she spent $12 and saved $36. That's $48 worth of groceries for $12. And as you can see from the following picture, today she spent $35 and saved $43. My mother will be so jealous.

Congratulations to my wife, who is smarter than I am.

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