Hollywood "Booger" Robinson

We are very sad to say that our bunny rabbit, Hollywood "Booger" Robinson, passed away this evening. She was a special part of Tiffany's life, and helped her through a number of hard times. Tiffany is upset about this loss, but also very grateful for the time she was able to share with the bunny.

Booger lived an astonishing 8 years, 3 years past the life expectancy of a rabbit of 5. Booger was excellent at chewing through cables, carpet, and her own bedding. As a young bunny, Booger was capable of running from one end of the living room to the other in lighting speed. She was often time seen bolting and bouncing from one end of the living room rug to the other. She was a very smart rabbit, seeing as she was potty trained to her cage. Booger managed to completely avoid her arch nemesis, STEVE, an 80 pound labrador, for the entire duration of the dogs life.

Booger is survived by the above mentioned dog, her appreciative father Taylor, and her loving, caring mother Tiffany.

Tiffany, Taylor, and STEVE


Compassion Kenya

In the past 9 months I've been to Kenya twice with Compassion. This is one of many videos we produced from the first trip.

The second trip's video is on it's way. She'll be coming round the mountain when she comes.

Hope you like it. I'm pretty proud of it.


Former Gov. Palin

If that woman quit her post as governor of Alaska so she can concentrate on running for president in the future, I've got one thing to ask her:

"Why in the blue (H-E-double hockey sticks) would anybody vote for someone who straight up quit her last leadership job?"

Oh yeah, and another thing:

"You'd be a terrible president, not because you're a woman, because you're a quitter."

The only acceptable excuse for resigning as governor would be for family reasons. Something like, "I realized that politics was taking me away from my family too much, and I had to do what I had to do."

Governor, you have proven what so many have wondered since McCain blessed you with such a great shout out, that you are in fact a joke.

I love you Alaska. This does not reflect my opinion of you. Alaska rules.

Am I wrong?


Ibrahim Olaiseh

Doing all of these videos for Compassion has been a great privilege for everyone involved. Over the past few years I've gotten to be pretty good friends with some Compassion graduates. These are people who at one time were sponsored by someone like you or me, and as a result were literally released from poverty.

This summer we've got 5 Kenyan Compassion graduates traveling with Student Life speaking on behalf of Compassion.

You and I cannot begin to understand the kind of life/world these people come from. Abject poverty. Hunger. HIV-AIDS. Malaria. All that.

Now, being one of the dudes who's involved with the "messaging for American teenagers" behind these guys stories, I often times have to think "what's the best way to bridge these two worlds for teenagers?" It ain't easy.

So Eric and I talked to Ibe about all this using my phone.

This video is more or less for all my friends and family back home in Texas who I don't get to spend a lot of time with, cause if there's one thing I love talking about, it's Compassion.

For everyone: If you're a Christ follower and you're not sponsoring a kid or fifty with Compassion you are missing out. Click here to do so.

And lastly, I'm aware of how big of an idiot I am in this video. I interrupt, I don't listen, and I'm an all around bad interviewer, I apologize and will try to do better next time.

BTW: I started a new YouTube account for videos I make with my phone. Check it out if you want: http://www.youtube.com/trobmobile


Mustang Sunset

Part of my drive home from Amarillo the other night.