A Secret Church Promo

I got to create this one for Brookhills.

Speaking: Dr. David Platt


Blowing Up The Grill

So today we wrapped a 7 day shoot for the US Army, and it was a great day of shooting.

One of the videos we shot today was to encourage viewers to be safe while grilling out because grilling can be dangerous. Yadda. Yadda. Yadda. So, part of the video was an actual grill exploding.

I won't go into the details of the shoot, but here's the jist:

We hired a professional special effects professional, Lisa, to come and "make stuff blow up."

Here's the direction we gave Lisa:
-We want a boom.
-We want the lid to fly off.
-We'd like some flames.
-We wanna stay safe.

Here's what Lisa said to us:
-There'd be plenty of boom.
-She wasn't too sure how much "punch" was needed to make the lid fly off, but she'd do her best.
-There'd be plenty of flames, but they'd be quick.
-We'd for sure be safe.

So, there were a dozen or so people on the crew, and like anybody who's about to watch a grill blow up alot of people recorded it on their phones. I'd like to show you some of them.

I gave Rashel my phone and she shot for me. Here's that video:

So yeah. The video doesn't even do the explosion justice. And if any of us had know how big it was going to be we'd all have been much much much further away from the grill when it went off. Everyone knew to be on the look out for the lid cause no one actually knew where it was going. The lid went straight up, and most people thought it disappeared. I thought the same thing for a second then I looked up, and it was still rising. The lid got to at least 60 feet up, then came crashing right back down.

Seth, the first AC, got hands down the best video. Please note how long the lid is in the air. 4 solid seconds.

Duke, was our props master. After the explosion happened there were little bits of burning stuff all over the back yard, and Duke put almost all of them out in a matter of 2 or 3 seconds. That's why it looks like he's running a marathon right after the boom. This is his video:

So yeah. Awesome. We spent the rest of the day blowing up other stuff.
Mr. Potato Head

A potted plant:


A Birthday Cake:

All of this was in a Ross Bridge backyard, right in the heart of Hoover. The neighbor's didn't say anything all day.