IQ Test.

I had to stay up late tonight to transfer footage. I took a "mock" IQ test while I was waiting for the transfer. I don't know why, cause I don't understand how the scoring works. Which is why I'm hesitant to post my score here, but who cares.

I looked around on the internet for comparison charts, and I was surprised to find that this is not a "genius" level score. Oh well, I've got Jesus and Tiff, I bet those schmucks at the IQ Testing place don't have that.

Also, if you look around enough you'll see that different places have different scoring charts. I don't know I bet you could find some "official" info, but I gave up quick.

You should take it.

I told Drew about this post earlier today, and when I told him the score I got, he laughed out loud in my face, then asked "Did they try to sell you something right after they gave you your score?" No they didn't. I guess he doesn't thinks my score might be a little exaggerated. So, being insecure about myself I went and found another version of the test.

Not quite as good, but close enough to validate the other. Stick it Drew.

Here's the two places I took it.


Compassion Video for Confrence

This video was produced for our LIVE LOVE tour. The tour focuses on the fact that we should be known for/by our love.

LIVE LOVE with COMPASSION from Student Life on Vimeo.

For more information on Compassion or to sponsor a child click here.

Sponsoring with Compassion is the best thing Tiff and I do with our money every month, hands down.


An Appology and 5 Things

First I'd like to apologize for not really being available (blog-wise) in the recent past. Deal with it. We're busy.

I'm back now...What do you care anyways?

I'd like to first describe some of my recent accomplishments/projects. They are as follows:


Beautiful, I know.
This project included, scraping my knuckles on the pipes under my sink, laying on my back for over 20 minutes under the sink, getting rust in my eyes, and over a 30 gallons of old water falling into my eyes, mouth, and nose. Looks good though.
Earlier, before the sink thing, STEVE got his butt run off.

For those of you people who think your dog is a sissy, and should never spend too much time out side while it's cold, I feel sorry for you, and your dog. Dogs love being out side, getting dirty, racing the wind, and (STEVE in particular) fetching sticks. It was 36 degrees today and STEVE never skipped a beat while we were playing. We were at the park for over an hour, and he was at a dead-sprint for at least 20 minutes of that time. He found a small stream, and ran through it till it dumped him in a small pond. He was soaking wet. There's no telling how cold that water was, but he wasn't sweatin' it.

Here he is posing as James Dean, wet and dirty.

Tiff's going to do the "Valentine's Arrangement Extravaganza" again. I have been working on making it possible for people to make their orders directly on her website, so, lucky you. Be on the look out for a flier/email regarding this great opportunity for you.
This is my last "free" weekend until March. We're doing alot of traveling in the next 6 weeks. Our destinations include: Washington DC, Cali, New York, Nairobi, Orlando, Denver, and maybe New Orleans. That list is give or take one location.
For the Conference this year we had an "online film festival." The turnout was not so good, but we're learning how to do something like this. The submissions were what you might expect, but there are a few gems in there. Check it out here if you like: http://www.studentlife.com/screeningroom
That's all I got. Sun's still out, gonna go run the dog again.