Texas, Happy Birthday DAD, STEVE, and Xbox 360

Tiff and I have been in Texas for the last few days celebrating the birth of our savior with family. We'll have some pictures of or trip to post soon. It's been absolutly wonderful to get to spend some great time with family and friends.

Today is my father's birthday. Happy birthday to him. He's a great father. I'm proud to be his son. Here he is in proper form.

STEVE's been kenneled. And as silly as this may seem for some people, we miss him. Here's some pics we took of him the day before we left.

I also got this via email today:

So it's back on, when we get home tomorrow night.



Our Digital Christmas Card

We did it digital this year because of the "Stamp" link to the right.


Me and KJ's Album - White Christmas

Me and Kevin are going to be releasing a hit Christmas album. I know it's late in the season, but I really feel it will be a smash hit for years to come. Your mom has already ordered 4 copies, so you're probably getting one in your stocking. We'll be signing autographs in the Lowes parking lot Friday evening at 11pm. We hope to see you there.

Here's a list of the tracks:
1. Silent Knight
2. Happy Birthday Baby Jesus
3. Mary, Joseph, the Camels, and a Messiah
4. We Three King and A Pair of Aces A Full House Be
5. Gold, Frankincense, and Murder
6. Stupid Santa, Jesus Is Mad At You
7. You Can Give Birth In My Barn
8. Diapers for my Savior
9. 4 UN2 US
10. Little Plumber Boy - Plunge They Told Me
11. Christmas Makes Me Thirsty
12. Be A Man, Ride A Reindeer
13. Hanukkah Won't Cut It


Help me choose...










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I Wish Top 5 (continued)

Books to discuss with their authors.
1. Mockingbird - Harper Lee (I hear she lives within an hour's drive from my home.)
2. Cash - Johnny Cash
3. One the Road - Jack Kerouac
4. Old Man and the Sea - Earnest Hemingway
5. Sound and the Fury - Bill Faulkner

Childhood Experiences to Re-Live (before 6th grade)
1. Getting a grip on the gospel
2. Jackson's Birth - 3.5 yrs old (don't remember this one)
3. Road Trip to baseball game with dad - 4th or 5th grade
4. Ruidoso NM - "working" for the horse stables for 3 days straight - 4th grade
5. Christmas Lights with mom - 3rd grade

Top 5 Historical Figures You Could Spend an Hour With, (excepting God or any manifestation thereof)
1. Abe
2. Peter
3. MLK Jr.
4. Michelangelo
5. Moses

Oh yeah - Tiff and I finally put up the tree. STEVE wanted to help, but wasn't helpful at all. It's the biggest tree we've ever had. Heavy and sappy - smells good though.



This is a compilation of top 5 list of things I wish I could go back in time to see/do. In other words, if I had a time machine and could go back to see something first hand, and only got to choose 5 for each category, this would be my list (tonight). Tomorrow they all might change, but this is the list for tonight.

Musical Performances:
1. Beatles - Ed Sullivan Show
2. Michael Jackson - Thriller Tour - Moscow
3. Hank Williams - First night he played the Opry
4. Johnny Cash - Folsom Prison
5. GNR - Appetite Tour

Movie Releases (In Theater)
1. Jaws
2. Godfather
3. Dr. Strangelove
4. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
5. Harvey

Biblical Events
1. David and Goliath
2. Jesus' Last Seder (Last Supper)
3. Feeding 5000
4. Splitting of The Red Sea
5. When Elijah did the wood burning competition with King Ahab

Cities at their peak
1. Rome - post reformation 1500s
2. Monchupichu (spelling)
3. Jerusalem - King David era
4. Tokyo - 1850s
5. Rome - 300 years after Jesus' death

That's all I got. Please do some lists on your blog. What other lists should we do?