Michael Jackson

So probably everyone who has a blog is going to do a post on MJ in the next couple of days, so I just figured I'd get mine over with.

MJ was awesome. You liked him, at least you better have.

Liking MJ was like liking snack food. If, for some un-known reason, you were to say to me "You know, I really never liked MJ. His music wasn't that good in my opinion." I probably wouldn't even try to argue with you about it. What's the point? You just proved your opinion is invalid.

Now, that being said, I'm not a big fan of pop music. I was, in junior high, but you see, junior high kids (bad music taste) are who pop music is aimed at.

Maybe you can already see where I'm going with this.

So, it may seem as if I've already contradicted my self. Saying, "MJ was awesome." and "I'm not a fan of pop music." Nope.

Every thing that happened in pop world before Mike, and every thing that's happened since has been one big attempt at becoming MJ. It's like a playground full of children playing tag, and one of them can fly.

Pop music is defined (or should be for that matter) by MJ. He is the standard by which all other pop artists should be measured. And to be quite honest, no one has ever come close to the bar he's set. And I try to never say never, but with the state of pop music and the only possible outcome it can have from this point forward, I think it's safe to say that no one ever will.

I guess you could say, MJ is the reason I don't like pop music.

Don't think I'm comparing him to The Beatles, U2, GnR (well maybe a little), Springsteen, or The Stones, because I am not. Although, his library could stand up to any of those listed. MJ is the king of pop, and that's what we're talking about. You'd never say that any of those others give him a run for that throne.

There are two kinds of people in this world:
1. People who used to dance like crazy to MJ's songs alone.
2. People who lie about not dancing like crazy to MJ's songs alone.

I am proud to admit it. You should have seen my moves. On the kitchen tile, with socks but no shoes, my moon-walk was virtually spot on.

I dare you, right now, don't think about the opening bass line of Billy Jean.....See?

People died at his concerts.

Fast forward in to about a minute then he comes out.


Church Discipline Videos

Brook Hills did a series on church discipline. And since CD seems to be a pretty heavy subject they wanted a funny video series to intro the sermons. T5 and I did some creative and voice for the series. Hope you enjoy.

Cast includes: Travis, Mandy Mapes, David Platt, and I