A little over a year ago I got to go to Haiti with Compassion International

This earthquake is bad, very bad.

From the lobby of the hotel we stayed in, if you looked out over the valley, you could see people's homes stack one on top of the other all half way up the side of a mountain. These aren't the kind of homes you live in. There's no carpet. No running water. There's no foundation. There's no proper roof. If the walls were made from something solid, it was just cement block stacked on top of each other. No building codes. They don't take earthquakes into account when they build these homes. The don't worry about stuff like that, simply cause they have to worry about where the next meals coming from. Click here for a shot Eric took from our room.

I can't imagine what it looks like now.

My heart is broken for the people of Haiti. What can I do? What can we do? We as Christians have a responsibility to these people. I'm racking my brain trying to come up with a plan for Tiff and I to somehow get involved.

In the meantime, we will contribute to the Compassion Haiti Disaster fund. If you want to get involved, that's a great place to start. Compassion works with hundreds of churches in Haiti. Hopefully, this horrific earthquake will allow for the church in Haiti to reach out to these people. Click here to donate to the fund.

FYI - Since the earthquake yesterday, not one person from the Compassion Haiti staff has been in contact with anybody from the Compassion headquarters in Colorado Springs. They're trying desperately to get ahold of anyone. We're talking about a 3 story Compassion Haiti office building where dozens of men and women work to help children every day. Pray for these people.

Here's the Haiti video we made on our trip last year:

Haiti - Compassion International from Student Life on Vimeo.


OHHHH. Counting to four.

Maybe one day I'll do something that Sesame Street want's to turn in to a teaching tool. Maybe.